Who We Are


Fernande Raine, Founder


Got History? grew out of Fernande’s lifelong passion for changemaking, democracy and history. That journey has included:

  • Studying history (in Germany and US) to understand how democracy works

  • Learning from her advisors Paul Kennedy and John Gaddis how to put history to work for the public good

  • Doing detective work and finding archival treasures to tell the story of Stalin's Oil Politics in World War II

  • Apprenticing in management and strategy as a consultant at McKinsey and Innosight

  • Bringing the concept of Social Entrepreneurship to Germany and France by laying foundations for Ashoka's spread

  • Creating and leading the People Team at Ashoka

  • Co-creating an effort at Ashoka to distill how innovators create large scale social change, with new leadership and a new way of organizing in teams of teams that create value for all participants

She lives in Brookline with her husband, their four daughters, her sister and three nephews.

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