Our Approach

We are a systems-change initiative, aimed at galvanizing changemakers and history providers from all sectors to transform the market of history. We will provide the infrastructure for a movement to ensure that people get the history they need to be a changemaker.


We are building a non-partisan coalition of people who believe that engaging with history is critical for our democracy and who are eager to ensure that everyone gets the history they need to be a powerful changemaker and citizen. We aim to increase the visibility and impact of those who are already working towards this goal.

We will build a community infrastrucutre for history providers, civic organizations, media and tech innovators to generate new models and products for "delivering" history to new audiences and for creating community conversations around history. We will ensure that these ideas are realized and spread across the country.


We are developing a standard for history products and experiences that build civic muscle. We will surface the best interventions and products from all corners of the country, and will build an online market place for history for parents, teachers and the general public that will make engagement with history fun, empowering, and inspiring.

We will increase public demand for history. We will rebrand history in broad-based campaigns and expand the market of people who are looking to feed their civic capacity with history-based products and experiences. We will launch public events that showcase the power of engaging with history and exploring context and personal narratives.