humanity at work


Ensuring an inclusive vision of humanity

Reimagining Migration, led by Adam Strom, is working to ensure that young people grow up understanding migration as a shared condition of our past, present, and future in order to develop the knowledge, empathy and mindsets that sustain inclusive and welcoming communities. With a wealth of resources for educators and administrators, they are reaching into classrooms around the world with tools to enhance our human connection.


Humanities in Action

The Humanities Workshop was founded in 2018 by two enterprising teachers at Milton Academy, Lisa Baker and Alisa Braithwaite, in order to reassert the importance of the humanities in an era of preponderance of STEM. They formed a consortium of public, private, and charter secondary school communities to champion the critical importance of the humanities in addressing urgent social issues. A semester-long project around economic inequality in Boston culminated in a youth-led exhibit at the Ted Kennedy Institute in Boston in May of 2019.